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Mobile calls abroad cheaper with Jajah

Jajah has introduced a new Roam Home service to cut roaming costs

Using your mobile abroad could be even cheaper than the EC's new capped roaming charges with VoIP carrier Jajah's new Roam Home international calling service.

Jajah's service allows users to set up mobile or landline calls from Europe that can cost from 1.7p a minute - with calls to other Jajah users free. The Jajah VoIP service operates by enabling users to set up calls online - via the website , the Jajah mobile internet site at or by using a downloadable Jajah app on a Symbian smartphone.

Using the online option, the user can tap in the caller and recipient number and the service calls up both to connect them. The smartphone application provides a seamless version of this, where the user is only required to select the caller number.

With Jajah Roam Home, users need to have some sort of internet connection before initiating the call, which could bump up the overall charge. Once connected though, either via a mobile, hotel room phone or other landline, call charges back home are minimal compared to typical international roaming call charges. And outside the EC, where new roaming cap regulations don't apply, roaming savings can be more considerable.