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T-Mobile USA to offer Google Android

Android: in the US this year
Android: in the US this year

T-Mobile USA will unleash the new Android software as early as October according to the New York Times.

As was widely believed, the phone will be made by HTC, rumoured to be the Dream handset we've all fervently hoped for.

The word from the NY Times is that the Dream is confirmed to have a touch screen, much along the lines of the HTC Touch, but will slip out a full QWERTY set of keys as well.

In by Christmas

The hope is to get the phone with the new Google Android software announced by September in order to take advantage of the lucrative holiday season.

The Android platform needs to start making waves within the mobile industry sooner rather than later, thanks to the success of Apple's App Store and The Symbian Foundation, owned by Nokia, deciding to release its own version of 'open-source' software.

TechRadar spoke to T-Mobile, but the network declined to comment, stating 'there was nothing they could say at this time, with no plans to release it in Europe at this time'.