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Dell's new Aids-battling multi-coloured computers

Dell unveils a series of specially-commissioned laptop designs from African and US artists
Dell unveils a series of specially commissioned laptop designs from African and US artists

Dell has unveiled its new '(PRODUCT) RED' series of specially commissioned Dell Studio laptops (their brackets) with artwork from a number of artists passionate about fighting Aids in Africa.

These rather garishly designed computers are part of the Dell Art House range, with the worthy aim of making money for the Global Fund's fight against Aids.

The three African artists involved are Joseph Amedokpo, Siobhan Gunning and Bruce Mau, and each purchase of a new Studio 15 or 17 laptop with the alarmingly colourful (PRODUCT) RED artwork generates $20 for the fight against Aids.

Multi-coloured charity laptop

Also, Dell informs us that, "since the artwork is permanently infused into the Dell Studio laptop's display back, it is extremely durable, resists scratches and won't fade."

"By bringing these amazing artist designs together with a meaningful cause and our technology, we create new opportunities for self-expression," said Michael Tatelman, Vice President, Dell global consumer sales and marketing.

While TechRadar applauds Dell's charitable aims, we cannot help but don our sunglasses when we fix our eyes on these Aids-battling, multi-coloured computers.