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First user-generated BBC programme

Your News will be formed from the most popular screened and online news stories

BBC News 24 has launched a news programme based entirely on user-generated material.

Your News began a pilot run last Saturday and will feature the stories, features and videos that have been most popular with viewers on TV and the internet.

" Your News will make use of the huge range of material being sent to the BBC by the public, some of which has already provided real news-gathering value," said Kevin Bakhurst, controller of BBC News 24.

The BBC News website receives around 10,000 emails a day with story suggestions, comments and pictures from the public.

The show will contain weekly features that will look at news reports covering issues raised by members of the public (called Your Story) as well as a section where reporters try to find answers to questions sent in to the BBC by the public ( Your Questions).

The programme will also have a weekly feature focusing on images sent into the BBC by the public. Anna Lagerkvist