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HP: Half of all home prints are web pages

HP has unveiled its 'Print 2.0' strategy

One of the more interesting titbits to come out of this week's HP Labs event is a small statistic attached to HP's 'Print 2.0' strategy to change the way you print your digital photos.

HP reckons that an incredible 48 per cent of all home printer use comes from printing web pages. Part of 'Print 2.0' is intended to address the problems with printing web pages. It offers sites such as blogs better ways to enable readers and users to print directly from them by clicking a link.

HP says it is "creating technologies to make it easy" to print content from the internet "in a useful format".

HP also announced plans to introduce the Tabblo Print Toolkit . This is a website widget that web designers can embed into their web pages to let readers easily print pages. The core technology comes from Tabblo, a company HP acquired in March. The toolkit will be available from Friday.