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Wii iPlayer use puts on big growth spurt

Wii - more users turning to iPlayer
Wii - more users turning to iPlayer

Nintendo Wii users are flocking to use the BBC iPlayer – with the console making up 4 per cent of the total percentage of requests in February, overtaking the iPhone and closing in on the PlayStation 3.

The latest figures from the BBC show that Nintendo's Wii is accounting for an increasing number of iPlayer views, moving from 2.8 million to 3.2 million views.

With the PlayStation holding steady at 6 per cent of total views, Nintendo's console could feasibly overtake its rival if the growth continues.

The Nintendo Wii player was relaunched in November, after user complaints, and it appears to have had a big effect.

Usage still growing

Overall, the BBC iPlayer put on another strong month, with a record of 3.5 million requests every day, and although the audience is balancing out in terms of men and women, the audience is predominantly under the age of 55.

iPhone usage statistics were included for the first time since last November and now accounts for 4 per cent of iPlayer views, whilst Virgin Media's share fell slightly from 22 per cent to 21 per cent.

Eastenders Live was the most watched programme – almost twice as popular as the first of three episodes of Mock the Week that make up the rest of the top four.