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HP's tablet computer range detailed in new video demo

Apple kicks off the new tablet PC craze this week
Apple kicks off the new tablet PC craze this week

HP has detailed its plans for its own tablet computer, which the company is developing in conjunction with Microsoft.

The HP/Microsoft slate computer was announced in Steve Ballmer's keynote at CES in Las Vegas earlier this month.

HP Minis

HP is calling the new computing category 'Minis' and the company is trying to develop a range of devices pitched somewhere between a smartphone, an ebook and a traditional laptop, with screens between 6 and 10-inches in size.

HP says the product range has been in development for around the last 5 years in its Bristol research centre.

It is only due to recent advances in processor and touchscreen tech that such machines are now being pitched to the consumer market.

HP notes that it "can hit a size, weight, battery life and price point that will make this product a mainstream offering".

We should see a release of HP's first Mini later in 2010.