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Dell announces new mini Inspiron Zino HD

Dell's new mini Inspiron Zino - one for the 'lifestylers'
Dell's new mini Inspiron Zino - one for the 'lifestylers'

In the ongoing march to appeal to our 'digital lifestyle' – a largely meaningless phrase that is increasingly employed by marketers and PRs – Dell has released a colourful little desktop computer called the Inspiron Zino HD.

Dell wants to 'put computing back on the desk' with the low-cost new desktop range, which starts to retail from £299 upwards.

And indeed, if you are looking for a nicely-designed low-power desktop machine for the home, you could do far worse within this budget price-range, as the Zino HD really is a pretty versatile machine for basic work chores and for viewing HD content via a decent monitor (via the HDMI output).

Optional Blu-ray

Dell also offers an optional combo Blu-ray Disc player and wireless remote control for those that might want to use the Zino HD as a lounge-based media centre.

"It is a fashionable and functional computer that is small enough to fit almost anywhere in the home and can be personalised for the style-minded," claims David Clifton, Director of Consumer Marketing for Dell Europe

Head over to Dell's website for more on the Inspiron Zino HD