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Nikon upgrades its 'stylish' S-Series range

The Nikon camera releases keep on coming today, with the announcement of an upgraded S-Series line-up.

The Coolpix S630, S620, S230 and S220 are all compact cameras that come in a variety of colours.

The 12MP S630 has been designed with a special Sure grip, which is meant to help the camera feel more comfortable in the hand.

The camera comes with a 7x optical zoom, has Blink Proof technology, Auto Scene mode and Sports Continuous mode.

The S620 boasts a speedy start-up time of 0.7 seconds, a 12.2MP sensor and a 4x zoom lens.

ISO on the camera is strong (up to 6400) and features include anti-blur, motion detection and autofocus tracking.

S220 and S230

The final two cameras, the S220 and S230, have a 3.0-inch screen and all-of-the-above features. They also feature up to 17 scene modes, a 3x zoom lens and an ISO range of up to 2000.

The S220 is the thinnest of the bunch, at just 18mm.Each camera comes in fancy colour schemes, like Soft Silver, Aqua Green, and Night Blue.

The cams are released 20 February, and pricing starts from £149.