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BT to put Artificial Intelligence in its network

BT's vision?
BT's vision?

BT has revealed that it will be looking to add artificial intelligence int some of its networks, allowing them to self regulate, repair damage and cope with future demands.

The telecoms giant revealed its plans at the AI 'ALife' conference in Winchester, where the talk was of self-organisation.

"With self-organisation, you have very simple rules governing individual units that together perform a bigger task—a typical example is ant colonies," Fabrice Saffre, principal researcher at BT's Pervasive ICT Research Centre told the BBC.

No such thing as a...

"It's a very economical solution—especially for problems that are very dynamic. Anything you can do with self-organisation is basically a 'free lunch'."

No mention is made of taking over the world, enslaving humanity or pushing us all out into the void of space, as the technology is based on simple commands where an overloaded server can contact its neighbours for help.

This allows tasks to be allocated to less overloaded areas and should spread the load much more effectively

Just don't mention Daisy.