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BBC launches surround sound Radio 3 experiment

BBC launches surround sound Radio 3 experiment
All we need is Radio gaga surround

The BBC has launched an experiment with its radio that will give listeners using headphones a surround sound experience.

The BBC is offering up music that is in the binaural format that, when users plug headphones into their standard computer audio will provide 'realistic immersive' sound.

Tim Davie, Director of BBC Audio & Music, said: "We have stepped up our innovation within the BBC so that listeners can enjoy an even better experience of radio.

Enhancing stereo

"If successful, our intention is to offer surround sound on a whole range of BBC programmes," he continued

"This is part of an exciting series of trials such as HD Sound, and personal control of crowd versus commentary audio during events such as Wimbledon."

The Radio 3 website is offering a recording of Nine Lessons and Carols from 2007 in binaural sound until the end of the Christmas period, so you can check out the technology.

"This experiment is an attempt to enhance the standard 'stereo' sound headphone users have had for over 50 years and, although it is only a trial at this stage, if listener feedback is positive it could offer a significant improvement to audio quality in the future," added Rupert Brun Head of Technology BBC Audio & Music.