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Top Christmas gifts for Xbox gamers

Christmas Gift Guide for Xbox gamers
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We're bringing you a tech-focused Christmas gift guide every day up to the big day itself, to help fuel your present buying inspiration.

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Buying Christmas gifts can be hard for gamers, because it can be challenging to work out what games are worth buying for them, and which peripherals and add-ons are decent. 

That's why we've made this buying guide to all the best Xbox gifts for dedicated or new gamers. So if you're lacking in inspiration, and are short on time, you've come to the right place.

This Christmas gift guide rounds up console bundles, gear for Xbox gamers, games, and even some non-tech products from the best Xbox franchises, so you can unlock that achievement and become the new hero come Christmas morning.

Xbox One X 1TB Gold Rush Special Edition console (with Battlefield V)

Upgrade to the Big Daddy of consoles

Support for 4K and HDR
Comes with multiple games
Quite expensive

While Sony may have hit the market first with its souped-up PlayStation 4 Pro, Microsoft took its time to release the impressively upgraded Xbox One X. With support for 4K, HDR and an overall improvement to both performance and visual fidelity, playing any of your Xbox One games on an Xbox One X is a revelation.

This bundle includes the Deluxe Edition of DICE’s multiplayer shooter Battlefield V as well as a copy of Battlefield 1943. The former looks incredible running on Xbox One X.

Xbox One S 1TB Fortnite Bundle (with Eon Cosmetic Set + 2,000 V-Bucks)

Do the floss on Xbox

Full HDR support
Plays 4K Blu-rays
2,000 V-Bucks isn’t much

If coughing up a little more dough for the upgraded version of the Xbox One isn’t your bag, then why not meet the future halfway with the slimmed down but still impressively robust Xbox One S? While it doesn’t boast the enhanced architecture of its biggest brother, the Xbox One S supports the use of HDR, so games such as the later Forzas and Halos have improved contrast details (if your TV supports the feature, that is).

This bundle comes with a download code for Fortnite, so you can jump into the biggest game on the planet straight away with the premium Eon Cosmetic Set (including a costume skin, a glider skin and a pickaxe design) and 2,000 V-Bucks to spend. 

Xbox Design Lab customized controller

Grab a personalized pad

Vast number of options
Easy to design online
Pricier than a regular Xbox One controller

For years now, Microsoft has periodically released fancy new controllers to celebrate/tie-in with the release of some of its biggest games. But sometimes you don’t want to play with a pad that everyone else has. So how about a design that’s 100% personalized by you? That’s the premise behind the Xbox Design Lab.

It’s really simple. You simply head on over to the Design Lab page, pick the colors of the face and backplate, customize the button colors and even an engraving (perhaps a gamertag or a special name to sum up your new controller-of-choice). There are also lots of pre-designed themes should you need some inspiration first.

Grab it from the Xbox Design Lab.

Hyperkin Duke Controller

A classic design, reborn

A retro-inspired Original Xbox design
Intro screen on the pad itself
Still a chunky controller

It’s strange how nostalgia can make people forget they derided something they now celebrate and adore. Such is the rose-tinted reception that’s greeted the return of the ‘Duke’, the oversized controller that came with the very first Xbox way back in 2001, which has now been revamped for use with Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs thanks to the folks at Hyperkin.

Despite its size, it’s still a great pad to use. With its precision analogue triggers, those famous black and white face buttons and a new screen in the middle of the pad that shows the original Xbox startup animation, the Duke is a piece of gaming history that’s well worth owning today.

Xbox Game Pass subscription

It’s Netflix, but for games

A growing library of exclusives and multi-platform titles
Features a lot of new games
Need subscription to keep games

Subscription services have transformed how we enjoy passive media, so it was only a matter of time before the revolution reached interactive media as well. Alongside PlayStation Now, EA Play and various other platforms, Xbox Game Pass offers one of the largest and most accessible libraries of games yet.

You can subscribe from a month right up to a year, and from there you can download and play games from right across Xbox’s long history. That includes exclusives, multi-platform hits and some of the biggest new games, right there on Game Pass from day one. Few gifts have as much scope as this.

(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment )

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

A popular 2019 Xbox game

Great combat
Faithful to movies
Lacklustre story

If you follow video game releases you can't have missed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, one of the best Star Wars games of recent years and a respectable spiritual relative of hugely popular games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

This game was released in October 2019, so it's relatively new for the holiday season, but that also makes it pretty likely the person you're buying a gift for doesn't already own it.

(Image credit: Xbox)

Official Xbox Christmas Jumper/Ugly Sweater

Keep warm and on-brand

100% knitted
Certified ugly

Some people find ugly Christmas sweaters and jumpers the ultimate gift to give (and others consider it the worst, so consider the recipient well).

This officially-licensed jumper from Microsoft is certainly something, as it's almost painfully vibrant and green, with a weird mix-up of Xbox and Christmas imagery, but that's why they call it an ugly sweater, right? 

It’s 100% knitted, in true ugly sweater/jumper style, and features a crew neckline with a ribbed trim. There’s only one design and set of colors, but there are plenty of sizes so you should find one that fits your body type.

View this deal: Geekstore - US | Geekstore - UK  

Seagate 4TB Game Drive for Xbox

Link up some much-needed extra space

Easy to use
Compact size
Quite expensive

Digital download sizes, and update patch files, are constantly getting bigger and bigger, so it's easy for an Xbox (even with a 1TB hard drive like the Xbox One X) to quickly fill up, making it hard to play or download extra games.

That's why it can be so useful to have an external hard drive, like this 4TB Seagate Game Drive, to give you heaps of extra storage space on top of what already comes with the console. With this, running out of space will be a worry of the past.

If you or your gift recipient has an Xbox One S digital-only console, it's even more important to have some backup storage space ready.

The Art of Sea of Thieves Book

Piracy lives, in literary form

Packed with concept art
Lovely hardback bound edition

While Sea of Thieves isn't exactly a new game, having been released in 2018, it's still hugely popular, and growing all the time thanks to new expansions and updates. It's one of the Xbox One's best multiplayer adventures, and it's a pirate game that lets you explore tropical islands and sail the high seas in an open world.

Explore the game's artistic creation with the official Art of Sea of Thieves book, which features an archive of concept art and renders taken direct from the art department of the studio itself. With insider insight and more, it’s a great little piece of visual celebration.

(Image credit: Funko)

Funko Pop! Halo Figure - Master Chief

A retro-inspired hero gets the Funko treatment

Full vinyl model
More detailed than regular Funkos

It's undeniable that Master Chief is one of the most iconic Xbox characters ever, as Halo games are some of the most popular games available on consoles, and so perhaps this Pop! Funko model would be great for someone who's a fan of the games.

Pop! Funko models are generally pretty easy gifts, as they're affordable and there are so many different versions you can buy, from almost all pop culture franchises ever. We've picked off the Master Chief model to display, as a classic Xbox character, but you can browse around to find alternatives too.

Turtle Beach Recon 50X Stereo Gaming Headset

Chat online or stream with these comfy cups

Light and comfortable design
Mic is nice and clear
Joints can be a little noisy

If you – or the person you’re buying for this Christmas – loves online gaming with other people, there’s a good chance they’d really enjoy having their own headset, to talk and hear other players better. This pair comes from popular brand Turtle Beach and features 40mm speakers for a clear audio signal along with in-line controls for controlling your mic and volume.

They’re nice and light, so they won’t hurt if you’re wearing them for long gaming sessions, and they’re pretty affordable too compared to some of the more high-end models out there. Comfort and price are the two biggest factors for gaming headsets, so it's good to see these Turtle Beach cans tick those two requirements.