Cyber Monday Lego deals still live in Australia 2022

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Cyber Monday and Black Friday have now ended, with many of the hottest Lego savings we saw over this period ending with them, but not all! With some retailers still holding off on ending their sales entirely, there are still some opportunities to save on the best Lego building kits ahead of Christmas.

If you're a Lego fan, an amateur hobbyist or just looking to give someone the best possible Christmas, you can find below the best Lego deals from Black Friday and Cyber Monday that are still available to take advantage of.

Note that these deals are current at time of writing, but could end at any time as retailers pull away from their sales, so don't hesitate if you spot the right bargain for you.

Cyber Monday Lego deals: top retailers

To help you keep track of the best Lego deals during this holiday sales period, we've put together a quick-list of top retailers who regularly offer awesome Lego savings.

Cyber Monday Lego deals still live

Cyber Monday Lego deals still live in Australia

Lego Ideas Home Alone

Lego Ideas Home Alone | AU$449.99 AU$404.99 at Amazon (save AU$45)

A Christmas classic if ever there was one, this Lego Ideas set of the iconic McAllister family home from Home Alone makes for a perfect gift. Featuring minifigures of Kevin, the Wet Bandits and even 'Old Man' Marley, you can recreate the scenes of the Wet Bandits' attempt to break into the house in this fun and interactive Lego set. And right now, it's on the receiving end of a 10% discount.

Lego Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder

Lego Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder | AU$349 AU$279.20 at Target (save AU$69.80)

Simply one of the most exquisitely designed sets Lego has to offer, this perfect for display Star Wars set comes with 1,890 pieces including minifigures of Luke Skywalker and C-3PO, plus a display plague to really bring it all home. And thanks to Target this one lands a saving of AU$69.80 just in time for your Christmas shopping.

Lego Star Wars Inquisitor Transport Scythe

Lego Star Wars Inquisitor Transport Scythe | AU$159.99 AU$119 at Amazon (save AU$40.99)

Before the recently concluded Andor blew us all away, the title of best Star Wars live-action series to debut on Disney+ belonged to the Obi-Wan Kenobi series. Rocketing straight out of that series is this brilliant Lego set, featuring the transport ship for series villains The Inquisitors and four minifigures including Obi-Wan himself. And for Cyber Monday it also manages to find a 26% discount to stand out even further!

Lego Avatar Jake & Neytiri’s First Banshee Flight

Lego Avatar Jake & Neytiri’s First Banshee Flight | AU$89.99 AU$63.20 at Amazon (save AU$26.79)

Making its way into our list of best Christmas gift picks under 100 dollarydoos, this Lego Avatar set offers solid value in the box for this set detailing a scene from the upcoming second entry into the Avatar film franchise. With the new movie essentially guaranteed to be a summer hit, don't hesitate to jump on this deal saving you 28% off this 572-piece set.

Lego Technic The Batman Batmobile

Lego Technic The Batman Batmobile | AU$169.99 AU$118.83 at Amazon (save AU$51.16)

There were multiple standout moments in the most recent outing for Gotham's caped crusader, but the reveal of the latest iteration of the Batmobile with Robert Pattinson at the wheel was pretty awesome. And now you can build your very own Technic model of the same car with this set, comprising 1,360 pieces. We have seen the price go as low as AU$88 on Amazon, but the 30% saving applied here is currently the best we can find. 

Lego Nintendo Entertainment System

Lego Nintendo Entertainment System | AU$399.99 AU$329 at Amazon (save AU$70.99)

Consider yourself a gamer? A history buff? Or even better, a combination of the two? This is the Lego set for you. That's especially true if you're someone who has fond memories of plonking in front of the TV to play Super Mario on your NES console. Fortunately, this gorgeous Lego set that's perfect for home display still has a saving applied to it following Cyber Monday, although admittedly, not as great as we've seen in the past. We've seen it be marked down to AU$245 in June, but it's a tantalising deal worth considering.

Lego DC Batman: Batman Cowl

Lego DC Batman: Batman Cowl | AU$89.99 AU$71.20 at Amazon (save AU$18.79)

Bat fans rejoice, as this brilliant 410-piece Lego set can be added to your mantle with a saving of 21%. The price of this one seems to keep fluctuating, so you may want to keep an eye on it. But for now, this is a decent deal. Designed specifically for display, this brick imagining of Batman's iconic cowl is the perfect addition to the homes of any fans of the iconic Dark Knight and at this price you can't go wrong!

Lego Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum Modular Building Kit
Best Price

Lego Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum Modular Building Kit | AU$379.99 AU$303.20 at Target (save AU$76.79)

Simply put, you would struggle to find a more gorgeous, feature-packed Lego set diehard Marvel fans will adore. Packed with 2,708 pieces and nine minifigures including Avengers members Dr Strange, Spiderman, Iron Man and the Scarlet Witch (among others), this brick recreation of Dr Strange's home base is an absolute delight even before considering this saving. We did see it on sale for just under AU$300 on Black Friday, so this is still a relatively good price.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes The Guardians’ Ship

Lego Marvel Super Heroes The Guardians’ Ship | AU$249.99 AU$183.20 at Amazon (save AU$66.79)

Take to the skies with this intricately detailed building set of the transport of choice for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. This 1,901-piece set has a lot to offer, with an opening cockpit, lift-off roof and fun easter egg details inside, not to mention six minifigures of some of the Guardians team (and Thor). This Lego set appears to be another one that has been experiencing price fluctuations. This still isn't the lowest price we've seen, but it still makes for a good deal. 

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man Venom Mask

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man Venom Mask | AU$99.99 AU$84.99 at Myer (save AU$15)

Cleanse the memories of the very terrible Venom: Let there be Carnage movie from your mind with this eye-catching Lego build. You'll get 565 brick pieces to build this perfect display set, with an added name plaque just in case you forget who this memorable face belongs to. With a small AU$15 saving on offer, there's a lot to like with this set (but not with the aforementioned Venom movie) even if this isn't quite the lowest price we've seen for it.

Lego DC Batman Batmobile Tumbler
Hot price

Lego DC Batman Batmobile Tumbler | AU$399.99 AU$292.99 at Purple Turtle Toys (save AU$107)

Even during Black Friday and Cyber Monday it's rare to find a Lego set below AU$500 with a saving of over AU$100 but that's exactly what you'll find here - and on the Batmobile from the Nolan Dark Knight trilogy no less. This one is a beast, too, with over 2,000 pieces and measuring 6" x 17" x 9", it's ideal for display, play or both!

Lego Marvel Black Panther: War on the Water

Lego Marvel Black Panther: War on the Water | AU$129.99 AU$96.49 at Purple Turtle Toys (save AU$33.50)

If you've just seen Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and you want to dive into the action yourself, this one's for you. With 545 pieces and five minifigures inside the box, including M'Baku, Okoye, Black Panther, Ironheart and Namor, you get everything you'll need to revisit the latest MCU hit. Plus an over AU$30 saving? Yes please!

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man at The Sanctum Workshop

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man at The Sanctum Workshop | AU$59.99 AU$45 at Amazon (save AU$14.99)

ICYMI, last year's Spiderman: No Way Home was one of the very best MCU releases we've seen yet, managing to hit nostalgia points for old webheads and offer plenty of action featuring familiar faces for newer webheads. You can dive back into that action with this Lego set, now available with a handy 25% discount attached.

Lego Technic Ferrari 488 GTE AF Corse #51

Lego Technic Ferrari 488 GTE AF Corse #51 | AU$299.99 RRP AU$207.20 at Big W (save AU$92.79)

Consider yourself a revhead? Consider this bargain then on the intricately detailed Lego recreation of the Ferrari 488 GTE AF Corse 51. You'll find 1,677 pieces in the box and brilliantly detailed, authentic elements including a replica V8 engine with moving pistons. Big W does give you the option of adding to cart and says delivery is available, but stock levels can't be guaranteed, so get in quick. 

Lego Marvel I Am Groot Building Set

Lego Marvel I Am Groot Building Set | AU$89.99 AU$73.79 at Amazon (save AU$16.20)

Right now you can get this brilliant Lego set for AU$73.79 via Amazon, saving 18%. Inside the box you'll get 476 pieces to build your very own baby version of Guardians of the Galaxy member Groot, with an included display plate and replica of Guardians frontman Star-Lord's very own mixtape.

Lego Star Wars Luke Skywalker Red 5 Helmet Set

Lego Star Wars Luke Skywalker Red 5 Helmet Set | AU$99.99 RRP AU$63.20 at Amazon (save AU$36.79)

These Lego helmet sets were built for display and are an absolute dream for Star Wars franchise fans (or others like Spider-man via the similarly awesome Lego Venom mask). With Black Friday still to come, you can commemorate your love of Star Wars and appreciation for the film's original trilogy with this Lego Luke Skywalker Red 5 Helmet set, currently at a 37% discount.

Lego Avatar Toruk Makto and Tree of Souls

Lego Avatar Toruk Makto and Tree of Souls | AU$249.99 RRP AU$175.20 at Amazon (save AU$74.79)

The long-awaited follow up to 2009's hugely popular Avatar might still be a month-and-a-bit away from hitting cinemas, but that hasn't stopped Lego releasing one of its most beautiful Lego sets in recent memory, which recreates a scene from the upcoming film. This one features vibrant colours and exquisite detail in a 1,212 piece package and snags a 30% discount here via Amazon.

Lego Ideas - Winnie the Pooh

Lego Ideas - Winnie the Pooh | AU$159 RRP AU$127.20 via Target (save AU$31.80)

Build a Lego recreation of beloved woodland wonder Winnie the Pooh's quaint home and count minifigures of Pooh plus pals Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore and Rabbit among the 1,265 pieces. Available online only via Target, you can get your hands on this one now for just AU$127.20 and save over AU$30 on this ideal nostalgia gift.

Lego Super Mario – The Mighty Bowser Building Kit

Lego Super Mario – The Mighty Bowser Building Kit | AU$399.99 AU$320 at Amazon (save AU$79.99)

Full disclosure, the moment we saw this Mighty Bowser Lego set, we fell in love. Then… that RRP broke our little hearts. This saving of over AU$80, however? Cause for celebration! For a lot of people – us included – the price for this one might remain out of reach, but if you’ve got the cash to spare and are keen to get your hands on one of the best new Lego sets in recent memory, this is your best chance yet!

Lego Optimus Prime

Lego Optimus Prime | AU$279.99 RRP AU$225 at Amazon (save AU$54.99)

This Lego Optimus Prime is a unique Lego set in the very best way. Not only do you get a 1,508-piece set to build the leader of the Transformers, you'll also find he transforms as well. Essentially, you're getting two classic hobby favourites in one here with the leading robot in disguise. We did see a lower price during the Black Friday period, but the small saving still on offer is worth your consideration.

Cyber Monday Lego deals: FAQ

Lego Creator Colosseum

The Lego Creator Colosseum, which launched over Black Friday last year. (Image credit: Lego)

When will the best Black Friday Lego deals start in 2022?

They already have! Lego sets receive intermittent discounts year round, but arguably get their best discounts in the lead up to and over Black Friday weekend, as retailers anticipate consumers wanting to get their hands on Lego for ideal Christmas gifts. 

There's a strong chance that the very best Lego deals won't come up until Black Friday properly kicks off on November 25, but there's still some killer bargains to be found right now!

Can we expect any Lego surprises for Black Friday 2022?

'Expect the unexpected' is always good advice when it comes to Black Friday, but when it comes to Lego there's a chance this becomes especially true once the event rolls around. In previous years we've seen Lego themselves look to commemorate the occasion with special releases timed for the event weekend and there's every chance we'll see that again this year.

In terms of other surprises, the bets are off and its best to keep your eyes on this page to see the sweetest deals as they emerge.

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