Deal with it! Amazon Prime Day is back and promises to be bigger and better

Amazon has revealed that it is having its biggest-ever sales day in July, offering up a glut of cut-priced goods to its Prime members.

Amazon Prime Day is back for a second year on 12 July and promises to be bigger and better - and we're hoping it is too.

Last year, Amazon launched Prime Day with the bold claim that it would be bigger than Black Friday - which is a sales event that has shifted from being US only in recent years into a day when the world's wallets are emptied faster than the banks during Brexit.

The problem was, while it was bigger, the bargains on offer weren't that great, with Amazon focusing on shifting its own-brand devices and a sprinkle of headphones and toothbrushes.

Dealer's choice

This year, it is promising much more, with Amazon teasing that it has double the amount of TVs to flog at basement prices, compared to Black Friday and Cyber Monday COMBINED. Oh, and there's going to be lots of toys as well.

Amazon is even turning its voice assistant Alexa into a shop keeper, with special deals coming to those in the US that own an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Amazon Tap.

As always TechRadar will be your guiding light to the best Amazon Prime Day Deals. Last year, we had a special hub that was updated by real humans, cutting through the chaff and cherry picking the best deals available, and this year we are doing the same.

Although Amazon Prime Day is happening 12 July, there will be a special deals countdown from 5 July. So, don't forget join us then for a digital discount shopping spree.