BT Vision offers free Setanta Sports

Telecoms firm squares up to Sky and Virgin

BT is trying to hang on to the coat tails of entertainment providers Sky and Virgin by offering free Setanta Sports to subscribers of its TV Vision service.

The BT Vision box was billed as the low cost alternative to the cable and satellite behemoths, providing a PVR for just £30 providing you have BT Broadband.

For a little extra there's the option of extra on-demand services, but basically the box provided recordable Freeview.

Better than the rest?

But now, if you take out one of the Gold, Silver or Bronze packages - similar to Sky's Mix and Match - you get free Setanta Sports.

BT's point is you can get sport for £14 a month - which isn't too bad according to the company as you get the extra stuff, like TV Replay or music videos, as well.

But when you consider Sky offers TV, broadband and phone services, along with its Sky Sports package, for around £30, and Virgin subscribers pay around the same for on demand services and free Setanta, not forgetting the broadband and phoneline thrown in too, it seems to be less of a catch.


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