BT offers Infinity broadband, BT TV and Netflix for £5.99 a month

It's only for 6 months though, yo

The bundled services price war continues, and this time it's BT taking a shot across the bow of Sky, Virgin and EE TV.

BT's latest hot deal sees the telecoms giant offering BT Infinity, Netflix, BT TV and a YouView box for just £5.99 a month... for six months.

It's a fantastic offer, effectively offering BT Infinity and BT TV free for 6 months, leaving you to pay for just the Netflix subscription.

As with all deals of this type, though, there are extra costs. For a start, there's a £49 activation fee for new customers signing up to BT Infinity and BT TV, plus a £6.95 delivery fee for the BT Home Hub router.

Price increases

You'll also have to stump up for line rental, which is around £16 a month.

After 6 months, the cost of the £5.99 bundle will rise to £20.99 for the remainder of the mandatory 18 month contract. And after that, you'll have to pay an additional £5 if you want to keep the BT TV Starter pack. Phew, did you get all that?

For existing BT broadband customers, you must have at least 12 months remaining on your contract to get this deal, else you'll be forced to sign up for an additional 12 months.


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