Amazon Appstore pricing briefly revealed

Some bargains to be had

Amazon is yet to launch the Amazon Appstore, but an enterprising blogger has stumbled across what seems to have been the app site, complete with pricing.

Being savvy appstore fans, swiftly screengrabbed all the icons and pricing on show and shared them with the internet.

Sadly Amazon got wise to this loophole and quickly removed the site – simply takes you to the Amazon homepage now.

Amazonian apps

The site listed 48 apps, including SwiftKey, WolframAlpha and the charmingly-named Moron Test, while all app prices were listed in US dollars ranging from $0.89 (55p) to $9.99 (around £6).

Some apps were listed as costing less than they do in the Android Market – for example the popular retro camera app Vignette, which is $4.02 (£2.40) in the Android Market and only $2.99 (£1.80) on Amazon's app page, according to AndroidNews.

There's no guarantee that these are the official final prices and app line-up from Amazon's app store venture – we'll have to wait and see when the site officially launches, which could be any day now.

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