Moto Zeppelin shown off again - not UK bound?

Come on Motorola, learn a new trick already

Not content with announcing an Android mobile this morning, Motorola has leaked another handset, the Zeppelin - which we've heard rumours of already.

While that's probably just a codename, the phone will still be packing Android 1.5, which is a little basic for our tastes, but the whole design of the phone screams budget anyway.

Spec up or spec down?

HVGA resolution for the 3.2-inch screen, MotoBlur overlay and a 5MP camera is a decent spec list, but the overall design makes a it look a little mid-range to us.

However, Motorola is clearly looking to hit all ends of the market with its Android range at the moment, and it makes sense that a cut down version of the Dext would appear.

It might not be coming to out shores though - or even the US. The hands on with the phone was picked up by Gizmodo Brazil, and there are rumblings that the Zeppelin is only destined for Latin America - we can only hope that's not the case.

Via Gizmodo



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