LG unveils Arena KM900 with 3D menus

Swishy interface and a 5MP camera from the Koreans

The new LG Arena KM900 handset will officially be unveiled at Mobile World Congress, and the Koreans have thrown a few extra toys into the package as well.

The 3-inch touchscreen handset comes with LG's new 3D S-Class interface, which basically turns menus into rotating cubes. LG describes this as:

"A cube-based layout provides four customisable home screens for direct access to all features. Music, movies, pictures and more are within reach, thanks to intuitive, touch-based 3D menus.

"The rich 3D graphics give S-Class a lifelike look that makes it natural and easy to navigate."

Touchscreen evolution

Other than that, the phone is another decent step in LG's comprehensive touchscreen line-up, with HSDPA connection, 800 x 480 3-inch display (which means videos should look great) and a 5MP camera to boot.

There's also the now-standard aGPS, WiFi and FM radio, as well as a big old 1000mAh battery good for 300 hours' standby time.

TechRadar spoke to LG about prices and when/if we'll be seeing this in the UK any time soon, but we were told that "full details will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress on the 16th February".


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