LG G3 and Nokia Lumia 930 challenge for top spot in TechRadar's best phone ranking

Time for a refresh


It's that time again: TechRadar's 10 best mobile phones list has been given a refresh

The TechRadar scientists have been busy in the TechRadar lab with their lab coats and big spectacles, trying to determine which are the best phones of 2014.

The first new entry is the LG G3, which has grabbed itself a spot at number 2 on the list thanks to a winning combination of a QHD screen, simplified UI and a good price.

Guess who's back? Back again

Meanwhile, Nokia's returning to the top ten, this time with the Lumia 930, proving that Windows Phone still has a place in our hearts.

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And finally, HTC has managed to sneak in a second offering into our list - the One Mini 2 - bookending the top 10 with two metal-clad phones.

Before you start yelling about how wrong we are, go check out the full list and our justifications for each decision. Then you can start the yelling.