You can't delete the Apple Watch app from iOS 8.2

Just a little software somethin' somethin'

The newest version of iOS is available right now after a quick announcement at the Apple Watch event in San Francisco.

iOS 8.2 has now arrived for those owning an Apple device, namely the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The update brings improvements to the Health app as well as a variety of bug fixes and better OS stability.

It also comes with support for the Apple's first ever wearable in the form of the Apple Watch Companion app.

So far the app is just used as a placeholder with videos to help sell you the watch but soon it will be used to pair the wearable with your device as well as downloading dedicated Apple Watch apps.

Here for good

You can't delete the app though – once you've upgraded to iOS 8.2 it'll be there for good, even if you have absolutely no intention of buying an Apple Watch.

Tim Cook's presentation of the Apple Watch also showed off support for a number of third-party applications like Uber, Shazam and Instagram.

The Apple Watch is available beginning April 24. Pricing details were unveiled, including a $10,000 tag for the Apple Watch Edition.


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