iPhone app for forgetful anaesthesiologists

iAnasthesia will do all your calculations for you

Would you trust a doctor who needs to check on his iPhone exactly what dosage of anaesthetic to give you?

Us neither, but one of the latest iPhone applications that has appeared on Apple's store suggests that there must be a market out there for such a calculator.

"iAnesthesia provides clinically relevant and essential tool for anesthesiologists, both junior and experienced, as well for nurses anesthetists involved in theatre area work," reads the blurb for the $2.99/£1.79 app.

"It provides rapid drug dosage calculations for anesthesia induction, maximum dose recommendation for local anesthetics and provides some practical guidelines for administration of local anesthetics. All results are calculated according to the weight of your patient.

"For blood requirements and calculating allowable blood loss all you need to do is use slider to choose values like Hb in g/dl (for transfusion requirement) and provide initial Hemotacrit and choose final Hemotacrit for allowable blood loss calculations.

"iAnesthesia will be continuously updated with new features so you can be confident knowing that you can get updates for free."

What next? iDiagnose?


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