iPad mini 2 is the best cheap tablet this Black Friday

It’s now sub-£200

Update: John Lewis has sold out of the iPad mini 2, while Tesco has decided to put the price back up to £255. The cheapest deal we can see now is with Argos for £209.

Original: The iPad mini 2 has been sitting at the top of our best cheap tablet ranking for almost half a year and it’s now at the lowest price it has ever been.

You can buy the iPad mini 2 from John Lewis for only £189 – that’s a great price considering Apple is still selling it for £239. That’s a saving of £50.

The same price is avaliable from Tesco in either silver or grey right now

You can get it in either silver or grey and we’d recommend buying it fast as it has already sold out once on this Black Friday.

John Lewis replenished the stock moments ago, but it’s not certain it will do it again when the iPad mini 2 inevitably sells out again.



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