BBC iPlayer introduces mobile downloads so you can watch offline

The BBC has unveiled a little treat today; you can now download programmes from iPlayer and keep them on your phone or tablet for 30 days.

You can hold on to the downloaded programme for a month but once you've hit play for the first time, you have a week to watch it all the way through.

So if you're travelling underground or in a plane sans Wi-Fi, you can still watch iPlayer programmes through the iPlayer app; but only if you're on iOS for now.

iPhone iPlayer download

Although an Android version of the feature is in the works (and coming "soon"), it is launching initially only on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch iPlayer apps.


Depending on how much memory you have available, you'll be able to download multiple programmes at the same time and there doesn't seem to be a limit on how many you can save to your phone at once.

David Madden, executive producer at BBC Future Media, explained, "Today's launch is another big step towards ensuring BBC iPlayer and BBC programmes are available wherever and whenever you want."