In pictures: LG PenTouch PZ850T plasma TV

A pen for your television – yup, you read that right

In pictures LG PenTouch PZ850T plasma TV

If there's one television accessory we never thought we would be writing about, it would be a chunky touch pen for a TV.

It's a gadget that doesn't really have a place in the TV world, but LG has decided to go ahead with creating it anyway - showing it off at IFA 2011 - and it looks like the company has had great fun in doing in.

Want to see it in action? Check out our hands on video of the LG PenTouch below:

Strictly speaking the LG PenTouch isn't just a standalone gadget. To make it work, you need to also have the 60-inch PZ850T plasma TV, which was released a while back and some software.

LG pentouch

Cobble all this together and the LG PenTouch allows you to interact with your TV and access things like Facebook, play Angry Birds and draw images on your plasma set.

Why? We hear you cry – well, we don't know for sure but the Pentouch is decent enough to use.

LG pentouch

We did notice some lag when drawing some images on the screen, but Angry Birds played well with the pen – although some of the moves didn't work properly, like the boost on the yellow bird.

LG pentouch

One thing we are a little dubious about is just how much eye strain you will get from staring at a plasma TV that close when you are using the pen – we're guessing LG has thought this through, however.

Although we only tried out one Pentouch, the software allows you to use multiple devices – it will ship with two styli – which can only ramp up the fun factor even more.

LG pentouch

There's no LG Pentouch PZ850 plasma TV UK release date as of yet but expect bundle deals to be announced soon.

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