Samsung's next QD-OLED TVs will fix the two big problems with its first models

The Samsung S95B OLED TV on a TV stand.
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung’s launch of its 2023 TVs looks set to address two of the most common criticisms of its QD-OLED display tech, according to a new report.

As reported by industry website FlatPanelsHD, Korean newspaper ETNews claims the tech giant’s TV line-up for next month’s CES expo will see Samsung finally unveil a broader range of QD-OLED TV sizes, including its first commercially available 77-inch TV to feature the new display technology.

Up until this point Samsung and other TV makers using its QD-OLED panels, such as Sony, were limited to offering just 55- and 65-inch models.

Arguably more significant is the news that Samsung’s new QD-OLED TVs, which are set to be shown off in Las Vegas at CES 2023, will boast much improved black levels over their predecessors.

While reviews of early models featuring the panels have been favorable, a regular criticism levelled at them has been how panel pixels can suffer light bleed from adjacent pixels and struggle in brighter viewing environments, rendering black images slightly greyer than what would be expected.

The report goes on to add that such is Samsung’s confidence in the improved performance of its next-gen models that it has moved to register a 'True Black' trademark for use with the launch.

Analysis: Improvements move QD-OLED closer to having an edge over OLED

With Philips heavily tipped to get onboard the QD-OLED train next year, alongside the likes of Sony and TCL, today’s news from Samsung underlines the fact that the display technology is quickly becoming a genuine rival to OLED.

QD-OLED combines the best performance characteristics of quantum dot LED (QLED) TVs – namely high brightness and color saturation – alongside the pixel-level image precision of traditional OLED.

However, the main argument against opting to buy a QD-OLED TV up until this point has been how the panels haven’t yet been able to quite hit the same mark when it comes to the rich blacks offered by the best OLED TVs.

We’re eagerly anticipating to see if these new improvements set to be shown off in January live up to their 'True Black' billing and help shift a barrier away that may be stopping some videophiles from adopting the tech.

There’s a wait in store for anyone already coveting these upcoming QD-OLED TVs, but if you need something now, check out the best OLED deals live this month.

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