Your Sony TV may be about to get Google Assistant


Google Assistant is beginning to debut on Sony's 4K HDR TV range from today, which will allow you to start up films, music and TV shows as well as access other smart features just by using your voice.

The upgrade is coming to select TVs in the UK for the first time, but the update was already available in the US late last year. 

The update is coming to France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands later in 2018, but we don't have any word on when it'll be coming to other countries around the world.

Just use your voice

The new features only work if you have Android TV built-in, but it means you can ask your remote to play a movie from the Google Play app and it'll start up without you having to jump through lots of menus.

Lots of the Google Assistant features are coming such as being able to control your kitchen lights (if you have smart ones setup) but we don't currently have the full line up of features you'll be getting on your TV.

Compatible TV ranges include the AF8, XF90, XF85, XF80 and XF75 series. Sony has yet to share if any other TVs will be updated in the future.

The update will start in the UK from today, and the company believes it'll be done updating the range above by the end of June.