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Sony may be working on a transparent, foldable smartphone

Sony may be working on some rather remarkable smartphone concepts according to a recently published patent application.

The documentation in question appears to show plans for a 'dual-sided transparent smartphone', as well as a 'foldable transparent smartphone', which would see many a sci-fi dream potentially become reality.

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The patent was filed back in May 2018 with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO), but was only published on November 22, 2018, and was spotted by LetsGoDigital.

It also includes a sketch for what appears to be a rollable smartphone display - so in short, Sony has a lot of ideas it's currently playing with.

Foldable, rollable and see-through smartphones (credit: LetsGoDigital)

Foldable, rollable and see-through smartphones (credit: LetsGoDigital)

Could be years away

While these signal potentially exciting developments for smartphone form factors, you won't be seeing transparent mobiles anytime soon.

The technology is still a way off. We've only just started to see fingerprint scanners becoming embedded into displays, with the next steps set to be sensors, earpieces and selfie cameras also finding their way beneath the screen.

Managing to create a truly transparent display that can fit inside a smartphone form factor is even more complicated. However, in a few years time it could well be a reality.