Samsung Galaxy S9 has the world’s best display


The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the best OLED display ever made, according to DisplayMate’s rigorous testing, earning the highest score achievable. Despite running at the same 2,960 x 1,440 resolution as its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S8, a number of improvements have been made to the new device.

Most notable among the screen’s many highlights is its improved color accuracy. DisplayMate lauds the S9’s support and high level of execution of multiple color gamut standards, like DCI-P3, RGB and sRGB, and has awarded Samsung with a rating of “Visually Indistinguishable from Perfect” in this department. 

To that end, the research firm states that this screen is “almost certainly considerably better than your existing living room 4K Ultra HD TV”.

Samsung can't stop topping itself

While Apple has recently cropped up in the OLED discussion with the inclusion of the tech in its iPhone X, Samsung has mostly been competing with itself over the past few years. Though it seems we're reaching the point of diminishing returns at the moment, at least as far as raw hardware advancements are concerned.

DisplayMate points out that Samsung is allocating more of its focus to the smaller details to set it apart, like increasing brightness and perfecting its display calibration to make sure that the S9 and other phones to come in the future, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, will boast an amazing picture – no matter the color profile the user prefers.

However, the competition will likely be tougher moving forward for the company, as more phone makers are utilizing OLED technology instead of LCD displays. This ongoing shift is due in part to consumer demand, but is also a necessary step to take as phones take on inventive designs that require the flexibility that OLED provides.