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Nikon D4 "sold out" on Amazon US

Nikon D4
Amazon US has already sold out of the new pro Nikon D4

The new Nikon D4, which was available for pre-order on Amazon US, appears to have sold out already, giving an early indication of the popularity of the camera.

Initially available for pre-order on the site for $5,999.00, according to NikonRumors, the site stopped accepting orders after less than an hour, changing to "Temporarily out of stock" and later "Currently unavailable".

The Nikon D4 was officially announced early this morning after months of speculation and leaks regarding the specs.

In the UK, there is no listing for the D4 appearing on Amazon as yet, however Warehouse Express is offering the camera for pre-order at £4799.00.


Photographers will be able to get their hands on the camera from February 16th, with Nikon UK claiming that it expects to see good stock delivery and anticipates no problems fulfilling a rush of orders.

Canon, which announced its latest pro model, the Canon EOS 1DX back in October 2011 is also available for pre-order on the site for £5299.00, however the camera isn't expected to start shipping until March.

Both companies are set to have a big presence at the London 2012 Olympics, with both offering services for professional photographers using their cameras on site.

Via NikonRumors