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Samsung Pay could be coming to your iPhone

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay has been an exclusive service for Galaxy phones since it launched last year but a new report suggests it may be ready to launch on iOS before other Android devices.

There is a catch though: it won't act in the same way as Samsung Pay works on the Galaxy S7 Edge, so you won't be able to pay for goods physically with the iPhone using this service.

NFC technology – the embedded sensor used to make mobile payments – isn't accessible for apps that aren't made by Apple for the iPhone

Slimmed down

Instead Samsung is reported to be releasing Samsung Pay Mini as an app for iOS and Android, a service exclusively for online transactions - something it currently doesn't offer.

The report cites "IT and financial industry" sources, according to the translated link and at this time there's no way of verifying the information is correct.

What isn't clear is why you would want to sign up to Samsung Pay Mini, just to do something Apple Pay already does.

We're waiting for more information to emerge on what this would actually offer - especially as very few iPhone users would be locked into the Samsung ecosystem already, which would be one key reason to use the South Korean's payment service.

Via CultofMac