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Multi-core processor set for next iPhone

iPhone sales
Yes madam - the quad-core version will come with a free unicorn

It's only been a little over two months since Apple last updated the iPhone's firmware, so it is clearly time for a little internet speculation about the nature of the next version of the mobile OS X.

According to ZDNet, rumours at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco last week have it that firmware version 3.0 will support multiple processing cores – a suggestion that naturally leads to an even bigger idea.

Serious gaming

Should the iPhone hardware also be upgraded to use the quad-core processor the speculation points to, it would then be by far the most powerful handheld device on the market.

As such, it would be a serious threat to not just other phones, but also to dedicated gaming platforms like the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS.

Of course, by the time anything like that becomes reality, who knows what Nintendo and Sony will have up their sleeves. Which brings us to another couple of rumours....