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LG G Flex grins for the camera in new photo leak

LG G Flex grins for the camera in new photo leak
LG G Flex just hanging out atop a pile of lesser phones

The LG G Flex is back and this time it's brought a camera.

LG's curvaceous handset found its way into the mitts of a journalist in Argentina who shared a few snaps of the thing on Twitter.

It looks massive, which is thanks to the 6-inch screen, and keeps its buttons on the back just like the LG G2.

Ain't nothin' but a G Flex

Specs still come with question marks all over them, but the word is of a 13MP camera that has an OLED display "that curves on a different axis" according to The Verge, which worked with Federico Ini to nab some extra shots.

Ini, who doesn't reveal where he got his information but since he has the actual phone we'd say is pretty well informed, says that the G Flex will land in South Korea next month, but there's no plan to offer the Flex in the US, Europe or Latin America.

Colour us disappointed: this is like the Samsung Galaxy Round all over again.