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iPhone 6S will up its selfie game with front-facing flash, hints iOS 9 code

iPhone 6
iPhone 6

The iOS 9 manifest file is out there and some people have been doing serious digging around in it. In fact, somebody has even found some tasty morsels on the iPhone 6S front-facing camera.

Hamza Sood found details in the iOS 9 code that doesn't apply to the iPhone 6, suggesting it's ready for the iPhone 6S or whatever Apple decides to call the next-gen handset.

In the code there are suggestions of front facing 1080p recording and a front-facing flash as well.

Face front

The code also includes "Front60FPSVideo," "FrontSlomo" and "FrontPanorama" suggesting all these features are coming soon.

At the moment there's no front-facing flash on the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and the front camera is only capable of 720p video recording at 30fps.

Panoramic photos on your front facing camera sounds a little complicated but slow-motion video is a great idea, and the rumour is it'll be 240fps as well.

Via Apple Insider