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iMovie app comes to Apple iPhone 4

iMovie gets an iPhone makeover
iMovie gets an iPhone makeover

Steve Jobs has announced that he is turning the latest iPhone – the iPhone 4 – into a moviemaking device.

Alongside HD video recording features, Jobs has announced that Apple's entry level imaging software is coming to the iPhone, allowing you to edit a movie on the go and upload it straight to whichever outlet you want – without once going near a computer.

iMovie for the iPhone

In the blurb for iMovie – which has bizarrely already got 13 ratings – says that it will help you "make beautiful HD movies" and it is a "feature rich editing app that's designed for iPhone 4".

Features for iMovie for the iPhone include: adding themes, titles, do a Ken Burns effect and add photos. There is a timeline at the bottom and editing buttons in the corners of the screen. You can export in either HD 720p, 540p and 360p.

The app has yet to be approved, but when it is it will be available for $4.99