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HP working on a smartphone… again

HP working on a smartphone… again
A bit like this but better, yeah?

HP CEO Meg Whitman has confirmed that the company is taking tentative steps back into the world of the smartphone.

Despite the catastrophic flop that was the company's Palm hardware, she told Fox Business Network that HP is working on a phone because smartphones are the new computers.

"We have to ultimately offer a smartphone because in many countries of the world that would be your first computing device," said CEO Meg Whitman.

"We are a computing company, we have to take advantage of that form factor."

Tablet tales

HP is already focusing its efforts on a line up of Windows 8 tablets, including the converta-tab HP Envy x2 which was announced at IFA 2012.

But when it comes to phones, HP won't be repeating past mistakes and buying up BlackBerry-makers RIM.

When asked if that was a possibility, Whitman emphatically replied, "No, that is not a direction that we're going to head."


From Fox Business News via The Verge