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BT cuts bills with BT Credit Card

BT is launching a new BT Credit Card that can cut the cost of bills

BT customers can now get a BT Credit Card that gives them a discount on their BT bills every time they use it.

The BT Credit Card, launched today, is linked to BT customers' telephone and broadband accounts. Any time they use the card to pay for purchases, 1p for every £2 spent is taken off their BT bill.

After users have spent more than £250 in a month, the money back deal improves, with 1p for every additional £1 spent coming off the BT bill. Heavy credit card users can save up to £75 per year off BT bills.

The new BT Credit Card deal can be used by multiple users in the same household, with each BT Credit Card holder able to shave up to £75 each off the household BT bill.

The BT Credit Card, issued by MBNA , offers 0 per cent per annum on balance transfers for 12 months. And 0 per cent per annum on card purchases for the first 3 months, reverting to a typical rate of 16.9 per cent APR (variable). BT Credit Cards are available now in four colours (silver, pink, black and green) from or by calling 0800 1114 114.