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BT and 3 campaign could halve UK phone bills

'Hi Mum - can't chat now, the MTRs are still in place'
'Hi Mum - can't chat now, the MTRs are still in place'

BT and 3 have launched a campaign to axe mobile termination rates – in a move that could save the average UK phone user huge amounts of money.

The campaign sees BT and 3 call for changes to MTRs – which are the fees levied by a network to allow other networks to connect to its users.

Obviously such a move could bring massive potential savings to heavy users, with suggestions that some bills would be halved.

Media backing

Backed by the likes of The Sun newspaper, BT and 3 believe a flat rate of £35 should allow limitless calls and texts – in a move that could revolutionise the communications industry in this country.

Ofcom is set to report on MTRs in June, but with major players considering the cut, competition could bring other companies into line who do not want to be seen as failing to bring benefits to their own customers.

"Right now the consumer is really losing out," said a spokesman for 3. "MTR rates are not justified."

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