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Awesome renders of budget iPhone concept

Budget iPhone concept
Aw, look at the baby iPhones

Rumours of a budget version iPhone have been around since the launch of the iPhone itself, and while it may or may not be on the Apple roadmap, a Dutch artist has knocked up a computer-generated render of what he imagines these cheaper iPhones could look like.

Rather than just sketching out a smaller iPhone, Martin Hajek imagines iPhones in colours, with rose and cyan variants included in his images. This makes a lot of sense when you consider Apple's approach to iPods these days, and they look pretty slick, too.

The big question though, is what would Apple change on the inside to qualify the baby iPhone for a cheaper price tag? Our speculation is it would rewind the screen size back to 3.5-inch and keep the hardware in-line with the previous generation phone, whatever that is from year to year. Though whether or not Apple has plans to create a second-tier phone, or just keep selling last year's model for cheaper, is anyone's guess.

For more pics, check out the gallery at iPhoneclub.

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