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Apple begins iPhone 4 Bumper refunds

Bumper refunds begin from Apple
Bumper refunds begin from Apple

Apple has started the process of 'fixing' the iPhone 4 by refunding all customers who have bought a Bumper case for their device.

Apple is simply putting the money back into users' accounts (presumably those who registered and paid by credit card) without even asking for a claim.

This means that those people who are looking to get back money but aren't sure how to do it are in a good place financially - well, to the tune of around $29 if you bought them in the US.

Solving the problem

Apple is offering free cases for the iPhone 4 in a bid to 'solve' the reception issues plaguing the device, but also stated that anyone that's bought a Bumper so far would be getting their money back,

Apple wasn't clear in its press conference about when the automatic refunds would be coming for those that have already purchased the Bumper, but the automated emails appear to have begun already.

iPhone 4

Of course, you could just be more ironic than using the Bumper and check out these cool 'End Call' stickers...

Via Engadget and MobileCrunch