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5-6 million iPhone 5 units 'shipping in September'

5-6 million iPhone 5 units 'shipping in September
The iPhone 5. It's SO coming.

The supply chain creating all the little bits for the new iPhone 5 is apparently in full swing, with the device set to ship this month.

That's according to Digitimes, which reckons that Foxconn, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) behind the production of Apple's latest phone is now chucking out 150,000 units of the phone per day.

Those behind the creation of the battery, lens, front glass and touch panel are all working at full capacity too, according to the site.

Ramping up

This effort means up to six million devices will ship this month alone, and 22 million around the world in the lead up to Christmas – which one again points to an end of September/beginning of October iPhone 5 release date.

Reports that two manufacturers are producing the iPhone 5 have been corroborated too, with Pegatron set to begin iPhone 5 manufacture in early 2012, highlighting Apple's belief that the iPhone 5 will be its biggest seller yet.

We're expecting one of Apple's famous 'save the date' media alerts any day now, announcing when we'll get a glimpse of the next iPhone in Tim Cook's hands – but until then you can check out a picture apparently taken with the new phone, or see TechRadar's wish list for the new iPhone 5 in the video below.