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Will Amazon conference herald Kindle II?

The original Kindle
The original Kindle

Talk of a new Amazon Kindle ebook reader has spread since the company announced a mysterious press conference for 9 February.

And the rumoured successor is suspected to make a worldwide appearance (instead of being confined to the US like the original).

Amazon's response has thus far been a firm 'no comment', but that could be about to change with the retailer set to make an announcement at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York.

Chief executive, Jeff Bezos, will be in attendance, further fueling the talk that the conference will see the unveiling of Kindle Mark II, which could eventually signal availability for UK audiences.

Ebook success

Although no official sales figures for the Kindle have been released, Amazon's foray into ebook readers apparently sold out at launch and has consistently been hard to get hold of.

The ebook market is growing, despite reservations over cost and whether they are as pleasurable to read as traditional books.

But advocates point to the convenience of carrying around a veritable library in a portable device, as well as allowing searches on text and the other advantages of electronic storage.