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HP TouchPad UK release date confirmed for June

HP TouchPad - coming in June
HP TouchPad - coming in June

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There's been a number of rumours as to when the HP TouchPad will launch in the UK.

Dates such as 'early 2011' and 'September 2011' have been bandied about, and today DigiTimes suggested that it would launch in April.

TechRadar has had it confirmed, however, by sources close to the matter, that the HP TouchPad UK release date will be June, and mid-June at that.

Stiff competition

An April release would have seen the tablet competing directly with the iPad 2, so it seems HP is giving Apple's machine a wide berth. That is if the Apple iPad 2 launches soon after its official announcement.

Running webOS, the much-loved operating system developed by Palm and now owned by HP, the tablet also offers a 1.2GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and a front-facing camera for video calling.

When it comes to HP TouchPad's UK pricing, it's understood that for the Wi-Fi 16GB and 32GB models at least it will be in the same league as the Apple iPad.