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Amazon to unleash family of Android devices?

Amazonian Androids on their way
Amazonian Androids on their way

Rather than just an Android tablet, online megastore Amazon may have a family of Android devices up its sleeve.

With the Kindle e-reader having proven a huge success for the company – it was its top selling product of the last quarter – it came as no surprise to anyone when fairly solid

rumours of an Amazon tablet

began to swirl.

But now it seems that Amazon is preparing a whole host of Android devices for launch later this year, according to an insider speaking to Android And Me.


Adding credence to the rumours is the fact that Amazon recently launched a dedicated Android app store, which as a stand-alone launch seems a little bit haphazard of the company.

The anonymous sources also said that Amazon will use a Pixel Qi display for low-power consumption.

It's not clear whether Amazon is working on just tablets or some smartphones too – nor do we have any clues on what version of Android we're looking at; but we'd expect a level of customisation a la HTC Sense rather than raw Android.

But one thing's for sure: we won't be surprised to see at least one Amazon Android tablet hit the virtual shelves in time for Christmas.

Via Android and Me