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iPhone and desktop users can now splash their cash with Google Pay

Google Pay for desktop

Google Pay is no longer restricted to Android devices – iPhone and desktop users can now use the contactless service to max out their credit cards.

In February, Google rolled Android Pay and Google Wallet together into one unified service: Google Pay. It was only available for Android at first, but it's now available for iOS and the web, letting you check out faster in online stores, and send and receive money using a credit card, debit card or PayPal.

Google Pay for desktop works with any browser (not just Chrome, thankfully) and once you've added a card you can start using it to shop immediately. There's no need to configure the service for each online store. Google Pay can autocomplete billing and shipping addresses too.

Android owners can use Google Pay to shop on the high street too, but it looks like this feature hasn't hit iOS yet. We wouldn't bank on it ever arriving on the web – holding a laptop over a scanner in the supermarket would be a little impractical.

Via TheNextWeb