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Reports: No 4-inch screen for iPhone 5

Android set to continue bossing big screen smartphone scene

Apple fans hoping for a palm-filling 4-inch+ screen from the forthcoming fifth generation iPhone may be disappointed, if leaked components and new reports prove accurate.

Conflicting reports on Monday say that the next Retina Display will remain at 3.5-inches, or perhaps enjoy a slight bump to 3.7-inches.

A leaked prototype LCD display component uncovered by the MacPost website fits exactly the same form factor as the iPhone 4.

That discovery could be interpreted in two ways. The first is that the iPhone 5 design will remain unchanged.

Secondly, it could add credence to rumours that Apple will launch a second tier 'iPhone 4S' that sticks to the iPhone 4 design.

Or will we see a 3.7-inch display?

While speculation continues, a source at Taiwanese website DigiTimes reckons Apple could be planning to push the display up to 3.7-inches.

DigiTimes also predicts that the iPhone 5's back cover will be switched to metal, replacing the reinforced glass on the iPhone 5.

Despite all this conjecture, we're still no closer to knowing when Apple will actually launch its next generation smartphone.

Link: DigiTimes, MacPost