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A price hike is on the way for BT Sport subscribers

Starting next season, BT has announced that it will be charging its basic BT TV customers £3.50 a month for its BT Sport service. 

This is a big change for the supplier, as previously it had been providing its BT Sport service to basic BT TV subscribers free of charge. Mid and top-level BT TV packages, meanwhile, are unaffected. 

Customers who want to watch BT Sport on their Sky boxes will see a price rise of £1.50 to £7.50 if they’re a BT broadband customer, and £1 to £22.99 if they’re not. 

Prices up across the board

The changes were announced as part of a wider range of BT price increases. All basic broadband customers will see prices rise by £2 a month, while fibre customers will see prices rise by £2.50.

Thankfully BT’s monthly line rental charges will not increase, although per-call charges will increase by 1p per minute, as well as the set-up fee increasing from 2p to 21p.

BT Basic prices will however be frozen in an effort to protect low-income customers.

These price changes will take effect from August 1st.