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Amazon's always listening, and pretty soon it might also be always watching

Thanks to its Amazon Echo smart speaker Amazon is always listening, and thanks to a leaked upcoming security camera it looks like pretty soon it’s going to be always watching as well. 

The leak comes courtesy of an image unearthed by AFTVnews, which appears to show a camera that looks a little like a taller version of Nest’s Indoor Security Camera.

The camera pictured has a tall, narrow, cylindrical design, with a small Echo-style blue ring at its bottom. 

A home for Alexa?

Around the ring are four smaller circles, which The Verge points out could be infrared sensors for night-time recording. 

No word yet on whether the camera will support Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, or whether it will go further with visual, in addition to auditory, recognition. 

We have contacted Amazon for comment and will update this piece when they respond.