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The best student broadband deals 2021: land a cheap internet offer for university

student broadband deals
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Student broadband deals sound like a weird concept - how are they different from regular options? Mainly, the focus will be on fast speeds, low prices and if you're lucky, shorter contracts.

There are plenty of excellent student broadband deals out there and to save your money, it's worth scouting around for the best prices. The likes of BT and Sky are unlikely to be the best options due to their higher prices for example.

However, TalkTalk, Plusnet, Onestream and even Virgin can supply you with some pretty impressive fibre broadband deals on more of a budget. The bigger problem is finding a plan that fits with student terms.

The large majority of contracts are now 18 or 24 months long and won't quite match up with when you're at university, requiring you to pay up while you're home over the Summer.

Some niche student broadband deals will sneak in with a 9 month offer but in most cases, 12 month contracts are the way to go. Whatever you need from your internet, we've listed everything you need to know below.

Student broadband deals

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There is a wide range of student broadband deals out there and they are all distilled easily for you in our price comparison below. Our comprehensive best broadband deals hub is also worth a read if you're a bit unsure what you should go for.

What internet speed should I get?

This question starts with one major choice you need to make. Do you go for the slower ADSL option and save a load of cash? Or, do you upgrade to fibre for a bit more and save the frustration of Netflix buffering and Google Sheets struggling to open.

If it's just you or one or two others in the house and none of you are very big internet users, ADSL should suit you fine. You'll save big on your bills but will find it a struggle to all be doing internet draining activities at the same time.

For those in bigger households, fibre is likely going to be a crucial investment. If your housemate came strolling in with a giant iMac, chances are your going to be powering through internet.

It's a simple rule of the more people, the faster speeds you go for. Living in a house with 10+ people?  Virgin is essential, same goes for those households full of film students, exporting on the hourly.

For everyone else in-between, most fibre packages will suit you nicely.

Do I need to get a phone line as well?

Not any more. All of the broadband deals we feature include the phone line in the price. So you don't have to worry about faffing around getting that organised as well, or having to budget more for line rental.

What will the length of the contract be?

We're guessing that you'll only want a 12-month contract. Most broadband providers offer annual contracts but that is slowly becoming less common. More often, you'll be tied in for 18 or 24 months.

Obviously, you'll want to focus on the 12 month options and when they do occasionally pop up - the 9 month options as well. There is the very occasional 1-month rolling option as well but these tend to be  a lot of money.

Still want more options? Then head to our main broadband deals guide for all the best tariffs out there right now.