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Run to the hills! Iron Maiden have a Black Friday headphones deal for you

Deals season is upon us: Black Friday is approaching, and even ageing rockers want in on the action. While it's not a trip on their private jet, piloted by Bruce Dickinson himself, metal legends Iron Maiden have a deal just for you.

The band's officially licensed ED-PHON3S (see what they did there?), made by audio experts Onkyo, have got a massive £150 discount today at HMV:

Iron Maiden headphones by Onkyo - save £150!
Deal of the day? Maybe. these Iron Maiden headphones (aka Edph0N3S) by Onkyo were £199.99 and are now £49.99! 

According to Maiden's own Steve Harris, they're the product of a true collaborative effort, “a design which came even remotely close to what I felt was an acceptable sonic standard for rock/metal”. 

Want the authentic seal of approval? Our buddies over at Classic Rock said

"Forget titanium drivers and frequency ranges (although hang on to that ‘muscular bottom end’), all you really need to know is that these headphones sound great no matter what kind of music you’re listening to, sit nicely over the lugholes and are comfortable to wear even for long periods. 

"The artwork might deter some people, but fans of Maiden will doubtless wear them with pride along with a whole outfit of Maiden clobber."

Run to the hills and grab a pair, if that review matches your wardrobe.